Cutlavania Accepted, Al-Muqaddimah Rejected to be AIM Full Members

Cutlavanian flag

20/04, AIMNN – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly session took place yesterday (19/4) has decided on membership status of three member states, Cutlavania, Al-Muqaddimah, and Pacatia.

On the session, the General Assembly has agreed to accept Cutlavanian government request for full membership of AIM. The motion was supported by all members.

Kingship of Cutlavania is a micronation founded in 2019 and currently ruled by King B.M.W.. The country was accepted as AIM Observer state in March 2020.

Muqaddiman Full Membership Rejected

Muqaddiman flag

On the same session, for the first time the AIM General Assembly rejected full membership application of an observer state. Al-Muqaddimah has failed to become full member as 2 member states decided to vote against the accession, while 5 member states abstained.

Excellent, the first country to reject the accession, justified their rejection by saying that Al-Muqaddimah has failed to show their commitment for unity and friendship in the community. He pointed out the Muqaddiman “Anti-infidels Day” celebrated in 1 April, clearly showing its hostility against non-Muslim micronations, such as Excellent.

Other member states has decided to abstained their vote after comprehend the issue, especially after Berakistan leader Moch. Gempar also voting against the accession.

The vote has created a new precedent, since this is the first time the General Assembly has rejected full membership application. Furthermore, AIM Charter also yet to specify on the case of a failed full membership application.

As consensus, the country will remain on their current Observer status. Al-Muqaddimah also allowed to request accession to full membership status in the future whenever they believe member states support for them is sufficed.

Responding on the rejection, Muqaddiman authority declared that they will learn from this mistake and promised for changes in their country.

Pacatia Withdrawed from AIM

Pacatian government has declared their withdrawal from the organisation on the same General Assembly session yesterday (19/04). The announcement was created during a voting session on the motion to revoke their membership, thus mooted the voting.

The organisation had understand on Pacatian government decision to reunify with the newly-formed Neuborrnia-Merientalia in the future. Pacatian authority did not give the date on when the unification would take place until the last General Assembly voting session yesterday.

After the unification, Pacatian leader Arda will become the acting prime minister of Neuborrnia-Merientalia. He will assist president Aaron Penyami to consolidate the new country and to compose the national constitution.


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