The King of Falalia has Signed The Amended-Constitution

Laporan Falalia (12/08) — His Majesty King Muhammad I, on this day has signed the new constitution script which was amended by the People Council.

The signing make the script officially become the new version of constitution that must be obeyed by all levels society. Including the royal families.

As is well known. At the beginning of August, the People’s Council asked the King to amend several articles in the Constitution, by sending a letter requesting him as the supreme leader of the Kingdom.

Within the next few days, the King responded to the letter and immediately held an audience with the People’s Council. At that time, the audience was attended by one of the important figures of the People Council, Putra Maramis.

From the results of the audience. Several agreements emerged, one of which was to conduct elections as quickly as possible to elect the chairman of the People’s Council, to the Government Work Program Plan for the 2021 period. Not only that, the King also agreed that 21 of the 24 articles submitted must be amended as soon as possible.

Then in the end, within 4 days since the hearing was held. The People’s Council succeeded in completing the constitutional amendment process, although it was quite a tedious process.

Meanwhile, readers who want to know the contents of the amended-constitution can read it at the following link:


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