In Retrospect on Indokistani 10th Anniversary

Exactly today 10 years ago, a micronational movement called Indokistan was founded by three friends in Jakarta, those were Farhan, Dicky, and Nabil. Founders of Indokistan and their loyal compatriots then hand-in-hand continues their micronational endeavour from years to years.

Indokistan survived its greatest challenges for years. Indokistan faced a large-scale war in 2011, and survived a confidence crisis in 2012 that almost caused the collapse of Indokistan. The tide turned in 2013 when Indokistan then-president Tian Abdurrahman declared the establishment of the Federal State of Indokistan, and expansive progress then followed. It was then Indokistani statesmen realise that a federation is the perfect formula that would successfully united the diverse country and guaranteed its success.

Unfortunately everything indeed has its end. Indokistani statesmen decided to terminate their micronational project of Indokistan in 2016. Indeed their personal quest and daily tasks shall be prioritised, and micronational activity could not be continued further. Indokistani last president Farhan even said: “… micronational movement brings joy, but unfortunately it did not last… we believe that this shall be the end [of the movement]…” On 5 July 2016, Indokistan as a micronational movement ceased to exist.

Its establishment occurred 10 years ago, its dissolution occurred 4 years ago. How time flies so fast.

Indokistan for the community

When Indokistan dissolved, we did realise that our disbandment will affected the entire community, especially to those on the Indonesian sector. Sure enough, Indonesian community suffer its worst decline after Indokistani dissolution in 2016. The community would not recovered until 2019, when Strada sector (which included Pejaten, Ruslandia, among others) and other newly-founded micronations emerged and successfully re-energised the community.

Besides, Indokistan has emerged to become something that motivates new micronations even after Indokistani dissolution. It is no strange that those young micronationalists are familiar with a former micronation called “Indokistan” that existed in the past. Some of them even lamented why Indokistan dissolved so quickly – even until now. This somehow brings us joy, because we now realise that we have one thing in our life that makes others happy, and even motivates them to do more.

In the end, we then realise that Indokistan would even “remain exist” in heart of the communities and its future successor. Its name remain in the memory of young micronationalists and continuously remembered as one successsful micronation. Its nostalgia continues to enchant present and future micronationalists, today and tomorrow.

How are we today?

We – former Indokistani statesmen – are indeed not the same person as we 10 years ago. We have continued our life  until today and then tomorrow. We already passed our personal milestones – we continues our undergraduate degree, we continues our pursuit of happiness and personal satisfaction.

From all Indokistani statesmen, only Nabil continues to be committed to participate on micronational activities. Today, he wishes to proudly announce that his former Indokistani compatriots has completed their undergraduate thesis and is ready to face their next life challenge as a doctor, translator, reporter, or others and to contribute something to the society.

We also wishes to encourage our friends to not to be afraid, because your success in the future is completely certain. Our friends has picked micronationalism as their current hobby – isn’t micronationalism is an extraordinary place of learning? It is a comprehensive class of politics, culture, social science, diplomacy, and all things related to a country-building process for all of its “students” – the micronationalists. We confidently declares that we received a lot of new knowledge during our time in Indokistan, it helps us a lot.

To conclude, we wishes our fellow micronationalists to successfully consolidate and brings their micronation to its glory. It is a good source of learning as well. We invite you to know more from Indokistan and be inspired with it, as it will brings us joy as well to reminiscing our time in Indokistan.

/Our two-cents,







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