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In Retrospect on Indokistani 10th Anniversary

Exactly today 10 years ago, a micronational movement called Indokistan was founded by three friends in Jakarta, those were Farhan, Dicky, and Nabil. Founders of Indokistan and their loyal compatriots then hand-in-hand continues their micronational endeavour from years to years.

Indokistan survived its greatest challenges for years. Indokistan faced a large-scale war in 2011, and survived a confidence crisis in 2012 that almost caused the collapse of Indokistan. The tide turned in 2013 when Indokistan then-president Tian Abdurrahman declared the establishment of the Federal State of Indokistan, and expansive progress then followed. It was then Indokistani statesmen realise that a federation is the perfect formula that would successfully united the diverse country and guaranteed its success.

Unfortunately everything indeed has its end. Indokistani statesmen decided to terminate their micronational project of Indokistan in 2016. Indeed their personal quest and daily tasks shall be prioritised, and micronational activity could not be continued further. Indokistani last president Farhan even said: “… micronational movement brings joy, but unfortunately it did not last… we believe that this shall be the end [of the movement]…” On 5 July 2016, Indokistan as a micronational movement ceased to exist.

Its establishment occurred 10 years ago, its dissolution occurred 4 years ago. How time flies so fast.

Indokistan for the community

When Indokistan dissolved, we did realise that our disbandment will affected the entire community, especially to those on the Indonesian sector. Sure enough, Indonesian community suffer its worst decline after Indokistani dissolution in 2016. The community would not recovered until 2019, when Strada sector (which included Pejaten, Ruslandia, among others) and other newly-founded micronations emerged and successfully re-energised the community.

Besides, Indokistan has emerged to become something that motivates new micronations even after Indokistani dissolution. It is no strange that those young micronationalists are familiar with a former micronation called “Indokistan” that existed in the past. Some of them even lamented why Indokistan dissolved so quickly – even until now. This somehow brings us joy, because we now realise that we have one thing in our life that makes others happy, and even motivates them to do more.

In the end, we then realise that Indokistan would even “remain exist” in heart of the communities and its future successor. Its name remain in the memory of young micronationalists and continuously remembered as one successsful micronation. Its nostalgia continues to enchant present and future micronationalists, today and tomorrow.

How are we today?

We Рformer Indokistani statesmen Рare indeed not the same person as we 10 years ago. We have continued our life  until today and then tomorrow. We already passed our personal milestones Рwe continues our undergraduate degree, we continues our pursuit of happiness and personal satisfaction.

From all Indokistani statesmen, only Nabil continues to be committed to participate on micronational activities. Today, he wishes to proudly announce that his former Indokistani compatriots has completed their undergraduate thesis and is ready to face their next life challenge as a doctor, translator, reporter, or others and to contribute something to the society.

We also wishes to encourage our friends to not to be afraid, because your success in the future is completely certain. Our friends has picked micronationalism as their current hobby – isn’t micronationalism is an extraordinary place of learning? It is a comprehensive class of politics, culture, social science, diplomacy, and all things related to a country-building process for all of its “students” – the micronationalists. We confidently declares that we received a lot of new knowledge during our time in Indokistan, it helps us a lot.

To conclude, we wishes our fellow micronationalists to successfully consolidate and brings their micronation to its glory. It is a good source of learning as well. We invite you to know more from Indokistan and be inspired with it, as it will brings us joy as well to reminiscing our time in Indokistan.

/Our two-cents,







Jomblonisme Begins AIM Chairman Term

Bendera Jomblonisme

AIMNN, 06/09 – Democratic Socialist Republic of Jomblonisme has commenced its office term as Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) after a simple ceremony on AIM General Assembly took place last Tuesday (01/09). Jomblonisme accepted AIM chairmanship from acting chairman whom served since Harjakarta dissolution last July.

On the assembly session presided over by acting chairman representative Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta Institute, he immediately declares Jomblonisme to presides over the chairmanship as AIM convention on chairman rotation system puts the country to replace Harjakarta, the previous in line. “I declare that Jomblonisme would presides over as AIM Chairman from today” said Nabil as he struck the gavel to officiates the declaration.

Jomblonisme president, Eri Septio, joyfully accepts his country’s new duty to the organisation. On a short remark, he expresses his gratitude to “Suwarnakarta, Excellent, and Neuborrnia-Merientalia [as acting chairman], as well as all members and observers”. Eri also hopes that AIM will achieve stability on his term, as it will “guarantees success for the organisation”. With Jomblonisme term as Chairman, Eri’s term as Secretary General was also concluded on the same day.

As its first proposed resolution, Jomblonisme proposed Muhammad Azka I of Litania to replace Eri as Secretary General. The voting process still on progress as of today (06/09) despite general support for Azka appointment to the office. An AIM observer said that if Azka successfully elected, it may start a precedent for AIM Chairman to appoint leader of member states next in line on the chairman rotation system.

The King of Falalia has Signed The Amended-Constitution

Laporan Falalia (12/08) — His Majesty King Muhammad I, on this day has signed the new constitution script which was amended by the People Council.

The signing make the script officially become the new version of constitution that must be obeyed by all levels society. Including the royal families.

As is well known. At the beginning of August, the People’s Council asked the King to amend several articles in the Constitution, by sending a letter requesting him as the supreme leader of the Kingdom.

Within the next few days, the King responded to the letter and immediately held an audience with the People’s Council. At that time, the audience was attended by one of the important figures of the People Council, Putra Maramis.

From the results of the audience. Several agreements emerged, one of which was to conduct elections as quickly as possible to elect the chairman of the People’s Council, to the Government Work Program Plan for the 2021 period. Not only that, the King also agreed that 21 of the 24 articles submitted must be amended as soon as possible.

Then in the end, within 4 days since the hearing was held. The People’s Council succeeded in completing the constitutional amendment process, although it was quite a tedious process.

Meanwhile, readers who want to know the contents of the amended-constitution can read it at the following link:

Raja Menandatangani Naskah Undang Undang Dasar Hasil Amandemen Majelis Rakyat

Halaman Judul UUD Falalia Hasil Amandemen

Laporan Falalia (12/08) Yang Mulia Raja Falalia pada hari ini telah menandatangani Undang – Undang Dasar yang diamandemen oleh Majelis Rakyat pada kesempatan sebelumnya.

Penandatanganan tersebut membuat naskah Undang – Undang Dasar resmi menjadi dasar hukum Falalia, yang mana harus ditaati oleh seluruh lapisan masyarakat. Termasuk keluarga kerajaan.

Seperti yang telah diketahui bersama. Pada awal agustus lalu, Majelis Rakyat sempat meminta kepada Raja untuk mengamandemen beberapa pasal dalam Undang – Undang Dasar, dengan mengirimkan surat permohonan kepada beliau sebagai pemimpin tertinggi Kerajaan.

Dalam waktu beberapa hari selanjutnya, Raja merespon surat tersebut dan langsung melakukan audiensi bersama Majelis Rakyat. Di mana pada saat itu, audiensi dihadiri oleh salah satu tokoh penting Majelis Rakyat, Putra Maramis.

Dari hasil audiensi tersebut. Tercetuslah beberapa kesepakatan, salah satunya adalah melakukan pemilu secepat mungkin untuk memilih ketua dari Majelis Rakyat, hingga Rencana Program Kerja Pemerintah untuk periode 2021. Tidak hanya itu, Raja pun setuju 21 dari 24 pasal yang diajukan mesti diamandemen sesegera mungkin.

Kemudian pada akhirnya, dalam waktu 4 hari semenjak audiensi tersebut dilakukan. Majelis Rakyat berhasil menyelesaikan proses pengamandemenan konstitusi, meskipun prosesnya cukup melelahkan.

Berakistan Dissolved

Flag of Berakistan

AIMNN (25/07) – Republic of Berakistan government declared their dissolution to the delegates of the General Assembly of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) yesterday (24/07).

Besides announcing their dissolution, Berakistan President Gempar also declared its departure from AIM and expressed his gratitude to AIM members, “I wishes to express my gratitude for delegates that has accepts me and treats me well here,” said Gempar.

Closing his remarks, Gempar hopes that Indonesian micronationalism progress could be continued, “I hope micronational movement, especially in Indonesia could be better and better,” said Gempar before finally departs from the assembly chamber.

General Assembly delegates also reciprocally thanking Gempar for his participation in AIM. The response was made by Eri Septio of Jomblonisme, and Theodorus Diaz of Excellent.

By the virtue of a member state’s dissolution, Berakistan membership in AIM was automatically revoked as well in 24 July 2020.

Berakistan Survived for 2 Years

Berakistan was a micronation that was located in West Java established on 7 January 2018. The country was ruled by Moch. Gempar since its establishment until its dissolution in 2020. Berakistan was accepted as AIM observer in early 2019, and full membership status was bestowed to the country on 8 October 2019.

Observers had seen Berakistani declining trend since early 2020 that may be caused by inactivity. Observers also cited Berakistani decreasing attendance rate to the General Assembly meeting and failure to vote on multiple past resolutions. Berakistan also did not attend the General Assembly Special Session on 11 July this month.

Menurut pengamat, Berakistan telah berusaha melawan ketidakaktifan yang bisa jadi menjadi alasan utama pembubarannya. Para pengamat telah memerhatikan Berakistan yang sudah jarang hadir pada sidang Majelis Umum dan sudah tidak ikut serta pada beberapa pemungutan suara organisasi beberapa waktu lalu. Berakistan juga tidak menghadiri Sidang Istimewa Majelis Umum AIM pada 11 Juli lalu.

Falalian Legislative Programme Published

Title page of the 2020 National Legislative Programme Law

Laporan Falalia (24/07) – Falalian People’s Council (PC) has officially published the Legislative Programme for the year of 2020 yesterday (24/07). The publication was introduced by the Deputy Speaker of the PC, Putra Maramis in front of the media crew in the House of Parliament.

According to Maramis, the PC has agreed to set 8 laws as the current priority, thus its inclusion in the 2020 Legislative Programme. One of the proposed laws included on the programme are an act on law drafting. Maramis also declared that the National Institutions Act, a proposed law that would encompass the PC, the King, and the Supreme Court institution, is also included on the programme.

Alhamdulillah [praise to god], today the People’s Council as completed its Legislative Programme for the year 2020. We hope that all proposed laws included on the programme, which includes an act on law drafting, could be completed before 2020.” said Maramis.

Parliament Requests King’s Consent to Amend the Constitution

The PC correspondence to the King, requesting his consent to amend the supreme law.

Besides publishing its Legislative Progamme, the PC also sent an official letter that expressed the parliament’s intention to amend the constitution to the King. The PC hopes that the King could grant his consent to the amendment, as the law would be used as the basis of other laws in the future.

The PC would only proceed with the amendment process if the King consented to the process, as his decree would legitimise the further process to amend articles of the constitution.

Falalian government invites readers to read the Legislative Programme and the Amendment Letter to the King, by clicking the link below (in Indonesian):,%20

AIM General Assembly Special Session Celebrates AIM 9th Anniversary

Logo of the 9th anniversary of AIM

AIMNN (11/07) – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly Special Session successfully took place today (11/07). AIM General Assembly delegates agreed to have a special session to celebrates the 9th anniversary of AIM.

AIM General Assembly special session was attended by 10 out of 16 member states and observers of AIM. Countries attending the session are Al-Muqaddimah, Astanesia, Cutlavania, Excellent, Falalia, Halenesia, Jomblonisme, Litania, St. John, dan Institut Suwarnakarta. Attending countries are represented by their own delegates. The special session was opened by AIM Secretary General Eri Septio on 20.45 Western Indonesian Time (UTC +7).

The special session was started by singing the organisation anthem “Cahaya Asia Tenggara” with a new melodic arrangement composed by Excellent leader Theodorus Diaz. The session afterward continued by a moment of remembrance for past micronations and special dedication for former Arkaporean leader Tian Abdurrahman that was passed away in 2019. Remarks from the Acting Chairman council member Theodorus Diaz and Secretary General Eri Septio follows.

Member States Reporting Their Countries

The session continues by member states report. At this part, member states shared much information about their countries, these include states’ history, current development target, and past challenges and hindrances.

Excellent leader Theodorus Diaz applauded his successful bilateral meeting with Harjakarta earlier this year, while also reported his plan for the first Excellent general election. Cutlavania reported their recent challenges to develop micronational economic and a tax system that was hindered by the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

King Jan II of Halenesia recalls his country’s history and his personal story that he was inspired to continue his country after a visit to Japan. Jan II also explain Halenesian flag colour that represents racial harmony in his country. Jomblonisme president Eri Septio continues by explaining his inspiration to create Jomblonisme and the current situation of his country.

Litanian delegation King Muhammad I Azka retells Litanian historical roots that stemmed since 2015, he also recalled various challenges Litania had, that includes foreign invasion and betrayal of one of his ministers to the enemy. St. John leader William Timothy also explained past conflicts of his former micronations, that was highly affected St. John current micronational activities today.

“Indonesian Police Told Us to Disband Ourselves!”

Attendees of AIM General Assembly Special Session to celebrates AIM 9th Anniversary

The session proceeds by a free discussion with the main theme on the current situation of Indonesian micronational movement. Delegates are particularly enthusiastic about the following discussion and debates on the theme.

The first discussion was on the 2020 Indonesian micronations shock and Indonesian authority response against Keraton Agung Sejagat and the Sunda Empire. In reflection on the situation, delegates admitted that there are many factors that causing micronationalism in Indonesia not to be popularly accepted, particularly on the Indonesian threat of separatism that resulted in public insistence to brand micronational movement as separatists.

Falalian leader remarks on Indonesian authority reaction to micronations aroused delegates’ curiousity, as he claimed that Indonesian police once reprimand him due to his micronational movement. “The police forced us to disband our country because he believed that our micronation is a separatist movement,” King Muhammad I Shah recalled the moment. Litanian leader also admitted that they once experienced the same situation.

The discussion continues on how to improve the image of the Indonesian micronational movement and to dissociate it with the separatist movement. Delegates believed that the current best method are continuous educational effort and to clarify itself that micronational movement is not a separatist movement. Special session delegates also agreed that a micronation is different with “fictional country”, as the latter existed only in narratives while a micronation would always involved physical activities and interaction in the real world.

Member states lastly praised the Indonesian micronational community openness to micronations belonging to members of ideological and religious minority, that if they openly declared their faith, they would not be accepted easily by the Indonesian public.

AIM General Assembly special session was adjourned by member of the Acting Chairman council Nabil Ihsan on 22.55 Western Indonesian Time (UTC +7). AIM member states then hoped that these kind of special session could take place next year on the 10th anniversary of AIM.

Constitution Amendment Act to be Ratified in Mid-July

Laporan Falalia (11/07) – Falalian parliament has confirmed that the draft of the State Constitution Amendment Act No. 1/2020 is ready to be ratified in mid-July as scheduled.

“The draft is ready,” Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly (PA), Putra Maramis confirmed. Ministry of Law and Human Rights later also confirmed the completion of the draft on the same day.

According to Maramis, deliberations to complete the draft was surprisingly smooth with no notable hindrance that may set back the completion deadline. This was despite attendance of the Supreme Advisory Council (DPA) and the Monarch, represented by His Royal Highness King Muhammad I, on the deliberative assembly.

The draft is also successfully completed before the deadline. The PA initially set the deadline for the conclusion of the State Constitution Amendment Bill on 14 July 2020.

“The Bill Must Be Reviewed

Although the King consented the bill would receive his assent on 14 July 2020, the King also declared that he would personally review each articles of the bill beforehand. The King declares that a review is necessary to check the impartiality and possible interpretation of the articles, and a revision to articles that perceived to not to favour the people is required before the assent.

Deputy Speaker Maramis guarantees that the PA, alongside the DPA and the King would requires a very short period to review the bill. Maramis said that the the time limit is required so the PA could continue with its next parliamentary agenda and proposed bills.

“We have finished the deliberations on the first Act after the Reform. The draft needs to be reviewed by the King and the DPA before His Majesty granted his assent. I believe that this is necessary so the Act shall not have a problematic article that may affected its execution in the future,” concluded Maramis.

Falalia King Appointed Prince Haikal as New Deputy Chair of Council of Ministry

Laporan Falalia (08/07) — The Supreme Leader of Falalia, His Majesty King Muhammad I Shah has appointed Senior Prince, Haikal Darunnajmi, as new Deputy Chair of Council of Ministry on July, 3 2020.

The procession of inauguration took place in Victory Palace for 3 hours, and attended by some important officials such as Deputy Chair of People Council, Putra Maramis. With regard to health protocol.

After the inauguration has done. His Majesty King Muhammad I told the media that he advised Prince Haikal to carry out his duties as Deputy Chair of Council of Ministry as well as possible. He also warned Haikal not to use the position for personal interest. Because it will affect the peoples of Falalia, directly or indirectly.

” Alhamdulilah, today we have been finished the inauguration process. I hope the new deputy use his position for the peoples, not personal interest. Because i believe it will affect the peoples life’s” said H.M Muhammad I Shah

AIM General Assembly Confirmed Triumvirate as Acting Chairman

AIMNN, 08/07 – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly has appoint 3 delegates to serve on a collective triumvirate for AIM acting chairmanship.

Those delegates are Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta Institute, Theodorus Diaz of Excellent, and Aaron Penyami of Neuborrnia-Merientalia. Those three appointees are confirmed on assembly meeting session led by Secretary General Eri Septio today (08/07).

Beforehand, AIM General Assembly agreed to appoint acting chairman rather to continue the chairmanship cycle and appoint the next full members in line to immediately take office, which was designated to Jomblonisme in August 2020. Delegates argued that dates of chairmanship cycle shall not change, thus agreement for acting chairmanship.

Member states later allowed to nominate delegates to fill the council from 6 July yesterday. Besides on 3 elected individuals, William Timothy of St. John and Abdullah Allero of Al-Muqaddimah also received a vote each.

The triumvirate will presides over AIM Chairmanship until August 2020, when Jomblonisme are designated to continue the leadership cycle. Several member states also proposed to restrict the power of the triumvirate, with a delegate even proposed the triumvirate shall be able only to call for and presides over assembly meeting.

AIM General Assembly decision to form a triumvirate as acting chairman was performed after the last nominal chairman, Harjakarta, declared its dissolution on 3 July yesterday, immediately vacated the chairman office.