Jomblonisme Begins AIM Chairman Term

Bendera Jomblonisme

AIMNN, 06/09 – Democratic Socialist Republic of Jomblonisme has commenced its office term as Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) after a simple ceremony on AIM General Assembly took place last Tuesday (01/09). Jomblonisme accepted AIM chairmanship from acting chairman whom served since Harjakarta dissolution last July.

On the assembly session presided over by acting chairman representative Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta Institute, he immediately declares Jomblonisme to presides over the chairmanship as AIM convention on chairman rotation system puts the country to replace Harjakarta, the previous in line. “I declare that Jomblonisme would presides over as AIM Chairman from today” said Nabil as he struck the gavel to officiates the declaration.

Jomblonisme president, Eri Septio, joyfully accepts his country’s new duty to the organisation. On a short remark, he expresses his gratitude to “Suwarnakarta, Excellent, and Neuborrnia-Merientalia [as acting chairman], as well as all members and observers”. Eri also hopes that AIM will achieve stability on his term, as it will “guarantees success for the organisation”. With Jomblonisme term as Chairman, Eri’s term as Secretary General was also concluded on the same day.

As its first proposed resolution, Jomblonisme proposed Muhammad Azka I of Litania to replace Eri as Secretary General. The voting process still on progress as of today (06/09) despite general support for Azka appointment to the office. An AIM observer said that if Azka successfully elected, it may start a precedent for AIM Chairman to appoint leader of member states next in line on the chairman rotation system.


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