Harjakarta Prince in Excellent for a Working Visit

President Diaz (L) dan Prince Narisworo

EN3, Centinga, Echa – President of Excellent, Theodorus Diaz, has welcomed the Great Prince of Harjakarta, Narisworo I, on a working visit to the country today (11/03). Both leaders meeting was took place in the main hall of the Samjorta National University in Centinga, Excellent.

On the audience between both heads of states, President Diaz and Prince Narisworo had a discussion on various topics, which includes recent situation on Indonesian micronational movement, political thoughts, national economy and social, and also education policies of both countries.

Leaders of Excellent and Harjakarta both also expressed their commitment to be loyal to the Indonesian Republic and its Pancasila ideology, and also support the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) effort to go public and introduce themselves to the wider Indonesian community. A commitment on cultural exchange and educational support between both countries was also made.

Before the departure of Prince Tommy, President Diaz expressed his hope for success on Prince Tommy future endeavour, in particular on his recent proposal to relocate the national capital. The proposal was hindered by lack of knowledge about Harjakarta among citizens, which was the result of a survey took place on last February (12/02).


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