Bengkuring City Disinfected to Prevent Covid-19 Spread

Bengkuring City (28/03) – Jomblonisme government had performed disinfectant spraying on its capital Bengkuring City and its surroundings, as authority alertness on Covid-19 outbreak began to rise significantly.

Spraying of disinfectant was performed yesterday (28/03) and involved Jomblonisme citizens. Beside on government premises, spraying was also performed in citizens dwellings located in Bengkuring City. After the spraying process finished, Jomblonisme government also distributed free hand sanitizer for the citizens.

Jomblonisme government decision to disinfect the city was done following a declaration on 17 March that the government has increased its alertness on Covid-19 outbreak outside the state territory. Beside Jomblonisme, Indonesian micronations such as Falalia and Excellent, had also performed similar actions to prevent the outbreak spoil to their country.


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