Indonesian Micronations on High Alert as Covid-19 Outbreak Escalated

AIMNN (17/03) – Indonesian micronations are on high alert as Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia continues. Until today, Indonesia already recorded 172 positive cases with 5 deaths.

First positive case of Covid-19 in Indonesia was confirmed on 2 March 2020 in Depok, West Java, close to Berakistan dan Pejaten territory, and also Suwarnakarta Institute office.

King of Falalia Issues Public Order

King Muhammad I has issued a public order today (17/03) as response of the Covid-19 outbreak that occures close to Falalian region.

The decree ordered closure of schools, suspension of government and economic activities, and urges citizens to stay at home as a quarantine measure, especially to those unhealthy and prone to be infected by the virus.

A member of the royal family was reported to experience symptoms of Covid-19, which includes cough and fever. A quarantine of self-isolation was ordered upon the royal family member, which he complied.

Excellent on Alert

On this day also (17/03), Excellent government has issued a series of recommendations to combat the spread of Covid-19 to its citizens.

Excellent recommends its citizens to limit activities outside, to maintain health and cleanliness of all premises, and to use protective mask especially those with health issue.

Excellent capital, Mosswiss, was included on the region with significant threat of Covid-19 in Surakarta, Indonesia. Recently, the local government has issued an emergency decree and prohibiting public and mass activities, and also set a citywide lockdown since Friday (13/03).

Alertness on Other Micronations

St. John government previously declared a state of emergency last Sunday (15/03), thus prohibiting public and mass activities. St. John government yet allowed freedom on religious institutions to decide their own measures in religious premises, included to suspend activities or not. St. John government also distribute free hand sanitizers for all of its citizens.

Jomblonisme government also declared that their government already increased their alertness on the Covid-19 outbreak, despite there were no positive case until now in East Kalimantan, the location of the country.


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