Jomblonisme and Sofidelonia Accepted as AIM Full Members

AIMNN (03/04) – Socialist Democratic Republic of Jomblonisme and Confederation of the Kingdom of Sofidelonia has been accepted as full members of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) after full support expressed by the General Assembly on the assembly session yesterday (02/04).

Both member states has passed waiting period for full membership status attainment. Jomblonisme and Sofidelonia also has been judged to satisfy all other conditions that allowed them to request for the status.

After Jomblonisme accession as full member state, leader Eri Septio commented “Praise to God, it is a blessing from Him that we finally attain full membership status […] I hope AIM will always moving forward.” He also expressed his gratitude to all leaders and fellow members of AIM. Sofidelonian King Sean I also expressed his gratitude and commented that the accession is “a celebratable event.”

Jomblonisme is a socialist micronation founded in 2018 and located in East Kalimantan, while Sofidelonia is a confederal kingdom formed in 2019. Both countries has been the observer of the Association since January 2020. After the accession of both countries, AIM full members has become 9 member states.


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