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Muqaddiman New Prime Minister Began First Week on Office

Muqaddiman King with the new Prime Minister, Moch Gandra.

AIMNN (02/04) – Muqaddiman new prime minister, Moch Gandra Al-Ghazali, has began his first week on office, after his inauguration in front of the King, Abdullah Allero I, yesterday (01/04).

Moch Gandra appointment as the prime minister was made after the King impeached his predecessor, Moch Nabil, on 20 March. The royal intervention was done because of Moch Nabil bad working performance that resulted in public protest, especially after an allegation of corruption that further incited protests.

After the impeachment, the King decided to govern the country on his own temporarily, while preparing the country for the successor he already appoint beforehand. Moch Gandra already received the royal decree on his appointment in 21 March, yet his inauguration was only took place in 1 April yesterday, awaiting King’s approval for the ceremony to proceed.

Moch Gandra’s term as the prime minister will be judged on how he responds on the Covid-19 spread in his home country. Recently, Muqaddiman autority had closed the state border and restrict public activities to prevent the spread of the disease. These policies are expected to be continued by Moch Gandra.

Raja Al-Muqaddimah Menunjuk Perdana Menteri Baru

Raja Al-Muqaddimah bersama Perdana Menteri baru, Moch Gandra.

AIMNN (02/04) – Perdana Menteri baru Al-Muqaddimah, Moch Gandra Al-Ghazali, telah memulai pekan pertamanya bekerja sebagai perdana menteri, setelah ia dilantik untuk posisi tersebut oleh Raja Abdullah Allero I pada Rabu kemarin (01/04).

Penunjukan Moch Gandra sebagai perdana menteri baru adalah keputusan Raja setelah memakzulkan perdana menteri sebelumnya, Moch Nabil pada 20 Maret lalu. Pemakzulan tersebut dilakukan karena kinerja Moch Nabil yang buruk, terlebih setelah adanya tuduhan tindak korupsi yang dilakukan olehnya.

Setelah pemakzulan Moch Nabil, Raja memutuskan untuk mengambil alih sementara pemerintahan negara secara langsung. Karenanya, Moch Gandra yang telah menerima titah penunjukannya sebagai perdana menteri pada 21 Maret, baru dilantik pada 1 April kemarin.

Tugas-tugas berat telah menunggu perdana menteri Moch Gandra saat ini, terutama adalah untuk melakukan penanganan penyebaran wabah Covid-19 di teritori Al-Muqaddimah. Pada akhir Maret lalu, pemerintah Al-Muqaddimah telah menutup perbatasan negara dan membatasi aktivitas umum. Kebijakan tersebut tetap akan dilanjutkan di bawah kepemimpinan Moch Gandra.