Harjakarta Capital Relocation Plan Hindered by Survey Results on Knowledge about Nation

Harjakartan Flag

(Harjakarta) – Harjakartan Great Prince, Tommy Narisworo, recent plan to relocate Harjakartan capital to a new place is hindered by lack on knowledge about nation among Harjakartan citizens.

Beforehand (12/02), Harjakartan Statistics Commission (Kemantrenan Statistik Harjokarto) had held a nationwide survey on national and general knowledge, and citizens personal data, after an order from the Great Prince. The survey results will be used for consideration on future political, social, and economic decisions, which includes the proposed relocation of Harjakartan capital and claim on new regions.

Survey results published later showed that knowledge about Harjakarta had received lowest result from all data indicators, merely passing the threshold previously set by the commission. Other two indexes were deemed satisfactory.

The Great Prince expressed his disappointment on the lack of national knowledge among the citizens. He further explained that social and political issues that will affect the country may occur if capital relocation to a new landclaim proceed further.

Responding on the survey results, the Great Prince will consider establishment of new landclaims without relocation of the capital, and to plan a guideline and policy to strengthen citizens knowledge on Harjakarta.


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