Muqaddiman Prime Minister Impeached by the King

King of Al-Muqaddimah Abdullan Allero I and PM Moch Nabil Ierfany (left) prior to the impeachment.

AIMNN, 21/03 – King of Al-Muqaddimah Abdullah Allero I has issued an order to impeach the Prime Minister, Moch Nabil Ierfany from his office yesterday evening (20/03).

Prime Minister Moch Nabil was already condemned by citizens lately. He was perceived as incompetent because of his failures to realise his office agenda that was announced after his inauguration in June 2019. An accusation of corruption against him further emboldened citizens opposition on his rule.

The order was issued as the King “understand citizens’ concern and plead”, especially after a recent corruption accusation against Moch Nabil, that forcing the King to do more and pressured him to resign.

King’s decision on impeachment is the latest attempt on Royal intervention against the government after the deadlock caused by Moch Nabil reluctance to resign, despite declining popular support and various politicians has rescinded their support on him.

PM Accepted His Verdict

Moch Nabil is reported to finally bowed to pressure and accept King’s decision to impeach him from the office, after months of attempt to remain in office that caused government deadlock. Moch Nabil also agreed to resign immediately from the office.

Before the end of his rule, Moch Nabil has successfully finished the formulation of the new state constitution this week (18/03), and already received Royal assent.

Afterwards, the King is reported to already designate a name to become the future Muqaddiman prime minister that will begin working on 1 April.


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