AIM Flag, Emblem Made Official

AIM official flag.

Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly has set the official symbol of the organisation on the general assembly sessions took place in 3 April until 4 April 2020. The symbols received official status are the organisation flag and anthem.

On the 3 April session, the general assembly has voted for the adoption of “Light of Southeast Asia” as the organisation anthem, by 6-1 votes.

The song was made by Theodorus Diaz of Excellent in 2015, and the lyrics was made by Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta Institute last month. The song was already proposed in 2015, yet received only marginal support to make it official.

Nusantara united in a noble bond

Brilliant countries hope of the world

May our joyful dream comes true

Light of Southeast Asia

(Translation of the first stanza of the “Light of Southeast Asia”)

Antoher session took place yesterday (04/04) finalizes the official flag of AIM afrter lengthy discussion due to diverse ideas proposed by member states. The final vote tally on the flag are in 6-3.

The official flag of AIM consists of white background with AIM logo in the middle of the flag. Defeated proposal on the flag maintains the same design, yet with blue background. The general assembly also agreed on 2:3 flag proportion.

After the recognition, another proposal is to made the symbols constitutional by adding it to the Charter. The proposal currently remain under consideration by the general assembly.


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