AIM Charter Amendment Passed

AIM Charter front cover

AIMNN, 11/04 – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly has passed an amendment on the Charter and By-laws of the organisation. The amendment passed general assembly voting on meetings took place from Tuesday (07/04) until Wednesday (08/04) yesterday.

The specific meeting is chaired by Harjakartan delegate Tommy Narisworo, and passed motions to amend two articles on the Charter and By-Laws. Amendments is done on article 12 of the Charter, concerning on term of office, and article 1 paragraph 2 of the By-Laws, concerning on conditions for full membership status.

The general assembly agreed to amend article 12 of the Charter, that previously dictates AIM term of office is 6 months, into 4 months. Article 1 paragraph 2 that previously declares 3-months observership for condition of full membership request, is also amended into just 30 days.

Other amendment proposal to set a term limit for the Secretary General and to modify chairmanship order of precedence, is not passed by the general assembly. A proposal to add articles concerning on AIM symbols is also failed to pass, as member states agreed to manage the symbols on a separate resolutions instead.

General assembly decision to put the amendment in force immediately, will also see the hasten of the ending of the Chairman Falalia and Secretary General Nabil Ihsan’s term of office into the end of this month. Under previous arrangement, both of them will have their term ended only in June 2020.


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