AIM Museum Officially Launched

AIMNN, 01/05 – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) Museum has been officially launched by Chairman Falalia on the General Assembly session today (01/05). The launching of the publicly-accessible Museum website follows the ceremony afterwards.

The online museum will exhibit artifacts and archives of members and former member states of AIM. The museum will also curate archives on important events in Indonesian micronational community, such as on 2012 LIR Union Summit and on Ivanesian conflicts in 2014.

The museum are expected to become a learning source on Indonesian micronational community, especially on members of AIM. The museum will also serve as the archive base for member state.

After the launching, General Assembly delegates expressed their joy on welcoming the newest institution of AIM. Excellent President Theodorus Diaz also said “I’m very thankful on the launching of this museum, because it could exhibit our creations and current progress of the Indonesian micronational community”.

Proposal for establishment of a museum was first appeared in the General Assembly on early April 2020, and passed assembly voting in 22 April session. The launching became the last for the Chairman Falalia before the end of its chairmanship term this May.

To visit the museum, you can access this link.


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