Harjakarta Becomes AIM Chairman

New Chair of AIM, Harjakarta.

AIMNN, 01/05 – Praja Harjakarta officially becomes the new Chair of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM), replacing Falalia that had its term of office expired on last April. The handover ceremony took place on the General Assembly session today (01/05).

Harjakarta is the next in line after Falalia on the rotation system of AIM Chairmanship, designated alphabetically according to full member states list.

Harjakarta followed Falalia as the new chairman under the new office term period as amendment of the Charter passed on April 2020. The current term see the office term reduced from 6 months to 4 months.

On accepting his country new responsibility to the organisation, Harjakartan Great Prince Tommy Narisworo said, “My gratitude is for Falalia. Harjakarta will accept the mandate and continue our progress, but I must remind all that I cannot do it alone. Let us build our AIM together!”.

New Secretary General Announced

Nabil Ihsan’ term as secretary general will also end following the termination of Falalia. Beforehand, he already announced to the community that he wishes to not to be reappointed as secretary general for another term, as he hopes for a regeneration process would be started by the new secretary general.

To honour Nabil’s wishes to not to reappoint him, Harjakarta has proposed Eri Septio of Jomblonisme for the new secretary general replacing Nabil. A vote to confirm the new secretary general is planned to take place tomorrow (02/05).

Secretary general is appointed by the chairman, and its office term also mirrored chairman office term. AIM regulation requires new chairman to confirm the secretary general, whether by reappointing the secretary general of the previous term, or to appoint the new individual.


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