Inmerado Dissolved, Former Territories Divided

Inmerado Dissolution Declaration

22/05, AIMNN – Republic of Inmerado, one of the observers of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) declares their dissolution yesterday (21/05), in force from 2.15 PM (UTC +7). Inmerado dissolution declaration was received by AIM General Assembly at 12.00 PM.

On the declaration, Inmerado President Joshua S declared that he struggling to continue Inmerado activities after its citizens departed the country, resulting in what he dubbed as “total destruction” on the country. Joshua also expresses his apology to fellow micronations that Imnerado should be dissolved despite friendly relations built with other micronations.

Despite no longer rules a micronation, Joshua reiterates his commitment to participating in micronational activities inside the Indonesian sector. Joshua will also join one of the Stradan micronation as citizens. 

After the enforcement of the dissolution declaration, Inmerado observer membership status was immediately revoked by AIM General Assembly.

Former Territories to be Divided Among Stradan Micronations

On the same declaration, Joshua also declared that former Inmerado territories would be granted to Stradan micronations. 

Joshua allows Neuborrnia-Merientalia to establish control in the West Inmerado region, while Ruslandia will receive the East Inmerado region.

Division of territories will allow Joshua to join one of the new micronations currently controls the former Inmerado territory, and also to participate in micronational activities.


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