Pejaten Dissolved, Leaders Promised New Micronational Project

“This is the end. We express our gratitude for your participation and support on the last three years. Good bye”

AIMNN (04/04) – Pejaten Republic has declared its disbandment today afternoon (04/04). Notification on the disbandment was sent by leader Aaron Penyami to the General Assembly of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) yesterday (03/04).

On the dissolution declaration, Aaron declared that inactivity is the main reason of his decision to disband Pejaten. Aaron has long complained on the decline of Pejaten activities and citizens’ participation in national politics

Aaron also promised that he will form a new micronation to succeed the Pejaten Republic. He said that the preparation period will take place for several months, while June-August 2020 is the most probable time an establishment ceremony of the new micronation will take place.

Former Pejatenian identities and characteristics would not be used by the new nation project, exception on the historical artefacts, cultural system, demography, and language that would be preserved.

“Former Pejaten citizens that wishes to participate on the new nation project must register themselves,” Aaron concluded.

AIM Farewell with Pejaten

As the first community to receives news on Pejaten dissolution, AIM must once more bid farewell with one of its member state.

Excellent leader Theodorus Diaz expressed his gratitude to Pejaten on their contributions to the organisation, while Jomblonisme president Eri Septio wishes for the success of the transition as Aaron has planned.

“How sad to see Pejaten dissolved. We bid a good luck for ex-Pejaten citizens in pursuing their next endeavour,” wrote William Timothy of St. John during his farewell with Pejaten.

Pejaten membership status in AIM has also been revoked after the resolution on the revocation was passed during an emergency session of the General Assembly yesterday (03/04). Despite on that, Aaron still allowed to attend General Assembly sessions. A possibility to acccelerate Aaron’s new country membership application after its establishment is also in consideration.


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