Al-Muqaddimah Becomes AIM Full Member State

Muqaddiman flag

AIMNN (29/04) – AIMNN (29/04) – Kingdom State of Al Muqaddimah has been accepted to become AIM full member states. Votes taken today evening (29/04) affirming member states support for Muqaddiman membership.

Al-Muqaddimah is an Indonesian micronation founded on 1 January 2014. The Islamic monarchy is currently ruled by Allero I. Al-Muqaddimah was accepted as AIM observer state in 20 March 2020.

On the last General Assembly session (20/04), Muqaddiman request for full membership status advancement was rejected, the very first time occurred in AIM. This also has set a new precedent on the future events should another observer state membership advancement request is rejected by the general Assembly.


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