Eri Septio Appointed AIM Secretary General

Flag of Jomblonisme, home state of Eri Septio.

AIMNN, 02/05 – Jomblonisme President, Eri Septio, officially appointed as the Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) on the General Assembly meeting session took place today (02/05). Eri Septio received unanimous support from member states on the vote.

Eri Septio was proposed by the new AIM Chairman, Harjakarta, to replace Nabil Ihsan that had his office term expired on April 2020. Prior to the vote, member states expressed their support for the nomination, as they believe Eri could satisfy the demands of the duty.

After the vote, member states in succession congratulates Eri appointment. Responding on numerous support for his nomination, Eri commented, “Thank you to Harjakarta for congratulate and motivate me, and to Nabil Ihsan for his encouragement to his successor”.

Eri will still hold a private meeting with his predecessor, Nabil Ihsan, on these weeks. Harjakartan Prince, Tommy Narisworo also reiterates the necessity to continue learning from his predecessor so he can perform his job better.

On upcoming week, Eri are expected to appoint department heads for the AIM Secretariat, to support his job as the secretary general. Calls to reappoint Nabil Ihsan for secretarial department office was also made by member states.

AIM Secretary General is the highest leadership reserved to an individual on the organisation. Secretary general duty is to perform secretarial works of AIM, and also to support the chairman. Secretary general headed the Secretariat, itself comprised of public relations, archives, and correspondency departments.


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