Falalian Constitution Ratified by King

2020 Falalian Constitution cover.

AIMNN (11/06) – Kingdom of Falalia has released the text of the new constitution to the public, after King Muhammad I granted a royal assent to the new constitution yesterday (10/06). Falalian government also sent the constitution text to delegates of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly.

The new Falalian constitution was created as Falalian authority committed to complete the national reform as agreed on the National Meeting concluded on 1 May. Successful ratification on 10 June also satisfied King Muhammad request to the government to complete the new constitution 3 months after the conclusion of the national meeting.

“A Thorough Constitution”

Falalian Constitution consisted of 10 parts, 50 articles, and over 100 paragraphs. The constitution governs the state name, sovereignty, ideology, national institutions, and national defence. Falalian constitution set forth detailed clauses on citizens’ rights and national economy.

National ideology of Fatistaarte, national symbols, and names of recognised political parties, are among those received constitutional status.

Falalian constitution also recognises LGBT rights, as well as citizens with disabilities. Falalia guarantees equality and prohibits discrimination against the community. As Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta Institute said, “it was the first in Indonesian sector’s national constitution”.

King Muhammad I further described that “the process [to compose the constitution] is quite long, due to debates and differences among members of the constitutional convention”.

Micronationalists Responded New Falalian Constitution

Delegates of AIM General Assembly congratulates Falalian authority on the successful ratification of their new constitution.

Falalian Prince, Tommy Narisworo said that Falalian success on the new constitution is evidence “that Indonesian sector’s micronations future will ever brighter”. Nabil Ihsan also commented that the new Falalian constitution is “thorough, and progressive”.


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