Falalian Consensus Supports Reform

Bendera Falalia

22/05, AIMNN – Falalian authority has announced the result of the national meeting took place from 15 April until 1 May last month. The meeting was led by King Muhammad I and discussing the future of Falalia. 

After the conclusion of the meeting on 1 May, King Muhammad I announced that reform would take place immediately. Despite on that, Falalian authority just yesterday (20/05) published the complete text of the meeting consensus.

Falalian citizens attended the convention agreed for a reform, which includes changes in political system, national symbols, and national territories. 

“A Thorough Reform”

Politically, Falalia would be converted as an absolute monarchy, with the newly-founded monarch council and advisory council that would support the Falalian King in the governance. Furthermore, the Prime Minister office would be abolished; and the Crown Prince and the King Mother would preside over the national government to support the King.

A consensus to draft a new constitution was also agreed, beside regulations for political parties, and also the declaration of Falalian new official name “Great Kingdom of Falalia”.

Delegates of the national meeting also agreed to replace the national flag, national anthems and patriotic songs, and the national emblem. National heroes were also agreed upon, with the date of Tian Abdurrahman’s (1994-2019)  passing to be recognised as “Heroes Day”.

The meeting also saw the end of Falalian sovereignty over Nakma region, located far from the national capital Richland; and the addition of Sitoradja Kingdom to Falalian domain.

Falalian King Muhammad I have set the deadline for the implementation of the reform. He has directed the deadline for reform announcement to be made before 1 June 2020, and the drafting process of the constitution to take place 3 months after the conclusion of the national meeting.




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