FNM General Election Process Commenced

Posters featuring FNM General Elections participants.

AIMNN, 22/06 – Government of the Federal Republic of Neuborrnia-Merientalia (FNM) has announced the commencement of the preparation for the upcoming general election (GE) from today (22/06). Reports on the development of the GE preparation was reported by FNM President, Aaron penyami.

The election is planned to take place on 1 July. The upcoming GE will see FNM citizens vote for their preferred presidential candidates and political parties that would occupy their seats in Riksdag, the national parliament. As of today, the GE commission still accepts registration for presidential candidates or political parties to compete on the election

As reported by Aaron, 5 political parties would compete to fill the Riksdag. Those parties are the Conservative Union (CU), Prosperity Party (PKNM), Green Party (GP), Democratic Party (NMDP), and Socialist Party (PS). There are also 4 presidential candidates, Joshua Salvatore (PKNM), Antonius Cristiano (GP), Daniel Punuh (CU), and Arda Mudarso (PS).

The first event preceding the election day will be the presidential debate. The debate would take place on Tuesday (23/06), with the debate recording to be published on the following day. GE commission also invites AIM General Assembly delegates to attend the debate, that would take place on online application Zoom.

Concluding his report, Aaron hopes that AIM member states would support his country for the upcoming election, “…our utmost gratitude for your support on our election.”


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