Flood in Bengkuring City, Residents Took Refuge

Banjir di jalan Bengkuring City

Wathan RDSJ, 24/06 – Capital of Jomblonisme, Bengkuring City is flooded after a rainstorm Tuesday this week (23/06). The flood causing severe damage on several regions of Bengkuring City.

Based on citizens’ report, the flood was first noticed yesterday on 2.00 AM Jomblonisme Time (UTC +8), with emergency signal was immediately sounded by Bengkuring City authority. The authority then deployed emergency response team and helps citizens took refuge in secure places.

Jomblonisme government declared that the current flood is caused by an unusually high precipitation compared to monthly average, causing rivers passing Bengkuring City to be overflowed. 

Kursi yang tergenang air di permukiman warga di Bengkuring City

Recent information reported an increasing flood level on 24 June, forcing Bengkuring City citizens to leave their home and seek refuge in secure places. Jomblonisme authority ordered immediate clearance of all flooded houses, and afterwards repurpose mosques and school as refuge centres and build makeshift tents for refugees.

Jomblonisme President, Eri Septio declares that he would presides over the national emergency response team in alleviating citizens’ difficulties. President Eri is also reported to personally join the emergency team to rescue Bengkuring City residents.


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