Deliberations for Constitutional Amendment Law Begins Today

Cover of the proposed constitutional amendment law of Falalia.

Laporan Falalia (01/07)­ – Deputy Speaker of the People’s Council (PC), Putra Maramis announced that the deliberative process for the proposed constitutional amendment law has begin today (01/07). The amendment law would be numbered as Law No.1/2020.

Putra said that the deliberation is targeted to be finished on 2 weeks until a month. Despite on the target, he also admitted that the process may take longer as he invites as well 3 government institutions to contribute on the discussion for the new law, with debates and disagreement is already expected by him.

“Today, the PC has started its deliberation on constitutional amendment law. We expects the law to be finalised on 2 weeks or a month after we announce the start of the process to the Falalians. I must admit as well that the process may take a longer time,” said Putra Maramis on an interview took place in the House of People’s Council today.

Maramis would also request assistance from members of the Supreme Advisory Council (SAC) to support the PC on its deliberative process. He said that contributions from the SAC would be very useful to create a more fair and accountable law.

“The People’s Council would also invites the SAC to participate on the deliberation, so we could create a more fair law as demanded by our people,” he concludes.


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