Harjakarta Declares its Dissolution

Bendera Harjakarta

AIMNN (03/07) – Government of Harjakarta has declared the dissolution of the country effective today (03/07) at 21.00 Western Indonesia Time (UTC +7). Leader of Harjakarta, Tommy N., declares the dissolution of his country on the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly.

Despite Tommy are yet to clarify his reason to disband Harjakarta, Excellent leader Theodorus Diaz explained that Tommy’s personal affairs is his greatest concern at this time. “He certainly has set a plan for his future that he wish to pursuit,” said Diaz.

Dissolution of Harjakarta clearly affected AIM, since the Chairman office – currently presided by Harjakarta – would be vacant.

Indonesian Micronations Parting with Harjakarta

Indonesian micronations expressed their sorrow after learning the news about Harjakarta dissolution. Harjakarta has successfully developed itself as an example of a moderate micronation that able to mediate conflicting parties and micronations. Tommy’s micronational career that has spanned for almost a decade, would also caused further loss to the community that has been extremely accustomed with his presence in the organisation.

Theodorus Diaz said, “I am honoured to know Tommy as a friend, and as an ally.” Diaz further requested Indonesian micronations to show their respect, and to remember Harjakarta as a great role model for the community.

Falalian leader, Muhammad I also requested that the community shall respect any personal decision that has been decided by Tommy, including to disband his micronation.

“We Should Immediately Convene”

Vacancy of the Chairman position after Harjakarta departure forced AIM General Assembly to convene on a special session to resolve the issue. The issue was made further complicated since the AIM Charter are yet to regulate on the case of vacancy of chairman office.

AIM Secretary General, Eri Septio proposed the special session to convene tomorrow (04/07). Theodorus Diaz also requested that the General Assembly shall immediately appoint a caretaker to replace the chairman.

Several delegations also propose amendments to other articles of the Charter to be jointly amended with the necessary articles on chairman’s vacancy. One of the proposed amendment is on articles concerning conditions of membership revocation that was regulated by the By-laws.


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