AIM General Assembly Confirmed Triumvirate as Acting Chairman

AIMNN, 08/07 – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly has appoint 3 delegates to serve on a collective triumvirate for AIM acting chairmanship.

Those delegates are Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta Institute, Theodorus Diaz of Excellent, and Aaron Penyami of Neuborrnia-Merientalia. Those three appointees are confirmed on assembly meeting session led by Secretary General Eri Septio today (08/07).

Beforehand, AIM General Assembly agreed to appoint acting chairman rather to continue the chairmanship cycle and appoint the next full members in line to immediately take office, which was designated to Jomblonisme in August 2020. Delegates argued that dates of chairmanship cycle shall not change, thus agreement for acting chairmanship.

Member states later allowed to nominate delegates to fill the council from 6 July yesterday. Besides on 3 elected individuals, William Timothy of St. John and Abdullah Allero of Al-Muqaddimah also received a vote each.

The triumvirate will presides over AIM Chairmanship until August 2020, when Jomblonisme are designated to continue the leadership cycle. Several member states also proposed to restrict the power of the triumvirate, with a delegate even proposed the triumvirate shall be able only to call for and presides over assembly meeting.

AIM General Assembly decision to form a triumvirate as acting chairman was performed after the last nominal chairman, Harjakarta, declared its dissolution on 3 July yesterday, immediately vacated the chairman office.


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