Constitution Amendment Act to be Ratified in Mid-July

Laporan Falalia (11/07) – Falalian parliament has confirmed that the draft of the State Constitution Amendment Act No. 1/2020 is ready to be ratified in mid-July as scheduled.

“The draft is ready,” Deputy Speaker of the People’s Assembly (PA), Putra Maramis confirmed. Ministry of Law and Human Rights later also confirmed the completion of the draft on the same day.

According to Maramis, deliberations to complete the draft was surprisingly smooth with no notable hindrance that may set back the completion deadline. This was despite attendance of the Supreme Advisory Council (DPA) and the Monarch, represented by His Royal Highness King Muhammad I, on the deliberative assembly.

The draft is also successfully completed before the deadline. The PA initially set the deadline for the conclusion of the State Constitution Amendment Bill on 14 July 2020.

“The Bill Must Be Reviewed

Although the King consented the bill would receive his assent on 14 July 2020, the King also declared that he would personally review each articles of the bill beforehand. The King declares that a review is necessary to check the impartiality and possible interpretation of the articles, and a revision to articles that perceived to not to favour the people is required before the assent.

Deputy Speaker Maramis guarantees that the PA, alongside the DPA and the King would requires a very short period to review the bill. Maramis said that the the time limit is required so the PA could continue with its next parliamentary agenda and proposed bills.

“We have finished the deliberations on the first Act after the Reform. The draft needs to be reviewed by the King and the DPA before His Majesty granted his assent. I believe that this is necessary so the Act shall not have a problematic article that may affected its execution in the future,” concluded Maramis.


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