Berakistan Dissolved

Flag of Berakistan

AIMNN (25/07) – Republic of Berakistan government declared their dissolution to the delegates of the General Assembly of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) yesterday (24/07).

Besides announcing their dissolution, Berakistan President Gempar also declared its departure from AIM and expressed his gratitude to AIM members, “I wishes to express my gratitude for delegates that has accepts me and treats me well here,” said Gempar.

Closing his remarks, Gempar hopes that Indonesian micronationalism progress could be continued, “I hope micronational movement, especially in Indonesia could be better and better,” said Gempar before finally departs from the assembly chamber.

General Assembly delegates also reciprocally thanking Gempar for his participation in AIM. The response was made by Eri Septio of Jomblonisme, and Theodorus Diaz of Excellent.

By the virtue of a member state’s dissolution, Berakistan membership in AIM was automatically revoked as well in 24 July 2020.

Berakistan Survived for 2 Years

Berakistan was a micronation that was located in West Java established on 7 January 2018. The country was ruled by Moch. Gempar since its establishment until its dissolution in 2020. Berakistan was accepted as AIM observer in early 2019, and full membership status was bestowed to the country on 8 October 2019.

Observers had seen Berakistani declining trend since early 2020 that may be caused by inactivity. Observers also cited Berakistani decreasing attendance rate to the General Assembly meeting and failure to vote on multiple past resolutions. Berakistan also did not attend the General Assembly Special Session on 11 July this month.

Menurut pengamat, Berakistan telah berusaha melawan ketidakaktifan yang bisa jadi menjadi alasan utama pembubarannya. Para pengamat telah memerhatikan Berakistan yang sudah jarang hadir pada sidang Majelis Umum dan sudah tidak ikut serta pada beberapa pemungutan suara organisasi beberapa waktu lalu. Berakistan juga tidak menghadiri Sidang Istimewa Majelis Umum AIM pada 11 Juli lalu.

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