Falalian Legislative Programme Published

Title page of the 2020 National Legislative Programme Law

Laporan Falalia (24/07) – Falalian People’s Council (PC) has officially published the Legislative Programme for the year of 2020 yesterday (24/07). The publication was introduced by the Deputy Speaker of the PC, Putra Maramis in front of the media crew in the House of Parliament.

According to Maramis, the PC has agreed to set 8 laws as the current priority, thus its inclusion in the 2020 Legislative Programme. One of the proposed laws included on the programme are an act on law drafting. Maramis also declared that the National Institutions Act, a proposed law that would encompass the PC, the King, and the Supreme Court institution, is also included on the programme.

Alhamdulillah [praise to god], today the People’s Council as completed its Legislative Programme for the year 2020. We hope that all proposed laws included on the programme, which includes an act on law drafting, could be completed before 2020.” said Maramis.

Parliament Requests King’s Consent to Amend the Constitution

The PC correspondence to the King, requesting his consent to amend the supreme law.

Besides publishing its Legislative Progamme, the PC also sent an official letter that expressed the parliament’s intention to amend the constitution to the King. The PC hopes that the King could grant his consent to the amendment, as the law would be used as the basis of other laws in the future.

The PC would only proceed with the amendment process if the King consented to the process, as his decree would legitimise the further process to amend articles of the constitution.

Falalian government invites readers to read the Legislative Programme and the Amendment Letter to the King, by clicking the link below (in Indonesian):



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