AIM Experienced Most Membership Addition on a Day

AIMNN, 20/03 – Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) has experienced its most membership addition in a day, after 3 micronations is accepted to the organisation on the same day.

Today (20/03), AIM has accepted applications of the State of the Kingdom of Al-Muqaddimah, Kingship of Cutlavania, and United Republic of Helanesia as observer of the organisation.

The addition is the most on a day since the establishment of the organisation, since AIM annual average number of membership addition until now is only 5 members. Responding on the addition, Prince Tommy of Harjakarta said that the occassion “must be reported”.

AIM membership status are divided into two, which is the full membership and observership. Observer members automatically received the status after their entry to the organisation and the General Assembly. Observer has 3 months of transition period and must also satisfy several conditions to be able to receives full membership status.


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