Flashback: A Discussion on LIR Union

An interesting discussion about LIR Union was published by The Indokistan Times on the third week of November 2012. The discussion was between Indokistani Third Republic politicians, Nabil Ihsan and Tian Abdurrahman. That interesting discussion can be read below:

Controversy on Indokistani membership in LIR Union has resulted in fierce debate among government officials, especially after those talks produced nothing on how the government should respond.

Speaker of the Parliament Tian Abdurrahman commented that as consequences of the “free” principle on Indokistani foreign policy of “free and active”, Indokistan should not be engaged in any alliance or diplomatic pact. He also claimed that if Indokistan insists in continuing its membership in LIR Union, the country has violated its own principles.

Opposing argument from the Chancellor Nabil Ihsan declares that the definition of “free” are “to freely decides on its own foreign policy without foreign intervention”, thus Indokistani membership in LIR union does not negate the principle. He also said that if Indokistan should not be bound with any alliance or diplomatic pact, Indokistan could no longer engaged in diplomacy, nor joining micronational organisations, or to sign a treaty with other micronations.

Do you have another argument for or against Indokistani membership in LIR Union? Voiced your opinion right now!

(The Indokistan Times, November 2012. Translated into English.)


LIR Union (2012-2013)

LIR Union was an intermicronational organisation that consisted of three member states: Indokistan, Los Bay Petros, and Raflesinesia. The founding charter of LIR Union was signed in the only intermicronational conference in Indonesian sector that was took place in 12 August 2012 in Kranji, Los Bay Petros.

The discussion occurred in the Indokistani Third Republic era (October 2012 – January 2013) between then-Chancellor Nabil Ihsan and Parliament Speaker Tian Abdurrahman. At that time, Tian’s influence were on its height, especially after his effort to reform the country as a unitary state went successful few weeks prior to the discussion.

Tian’s statement was seen as a brave act, because of his call to replace the status-quo existed prior to his entry to Indokistan (LIR Union was founded in August 2012, Tian rejoined Indokistan in September 2012). His statement also placed him in a position to challenge the very person that signed the establishment declaration of the LIR Union.

It was already known among Indokistani public that Tian often held differing opinion against other Indokistani figures. For instance, Tian also caused shock in the country afterwards, declaring the establishment of the unitary “Republic of Indokistan” in October 2013. The stunt was done despite Tian himself ratified the referendum results that finalizes Indokistani federal system in June 2013.

On the bright side, this discussion exhibited Indokistani freedom and unity, despite ideological and thought differences. We can also see Tian’s confidence to express his thought, no matter how others will respond, and take it as an example to our daily life.

In the end, LIR Union was abandoned after Raflesinesian unification to Indokistan in February 2013, resulting in only two members remaining. Further proposal of Rayhan Haikal to convert the organisation as a special treaty between both countries also received only marginal support.

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