Asassin in Turmoil, Rebels Took Over Communication Lines

Asassin rebel declaration after took over official Instagram account.

AIMNN, 30/06 – Anti-government rebels has took over Asassin government. The declaration was made by the rebels after successfully took over Asassin government official account yesterday. (28/06).

On the declaration, Asassin rebels declares their success on taking over the regime. The rebels also decreed a new flag and emblem for the country, while renaming Asassin as a “Cyber Republic”.

Asassin rebels also took over communication line of the government to the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM). Soon after, the rebels declared Asassin withdrawal from AIM yesterday (29/06), in a possible attempt to block contact with outside micronational world.

As of today, no more information about Asassin that has been publish by the rebels, as well as information about the whereabouts of the deposed leader. There are also no known attempt on the deposed Asassin government to publish a rival information against the rebel.

Asassin Representatives Warned Assembly Delegates

Prior to the coup, Asassin leader has issued a warning on the recent protests occurred on his country. The warning was announced by Asassin delegates on the AIM General Assembly on Friday (26/06).

Asassin delegates informed assembly delegates that their country is in turmoil after the government passed a law on cyber accessibility. The law was opposed by much of the citizens, with an anti-cyber law group was formed shortly after the passing.

Despite Asassin delegates informed no more information about which part of the law caused the protest, they declared that the anti-cyber law group already intensify their hostility against the government. Asassin delegates further reported that the group threatened to block government access to outside world in case of a successful coup.

“We need more information on Asassin”

AIM member states admitted that they need more clarity and information on the recent events in Asassin after the turmoil. Member states also lamented the Asassin delegates reluctance to share more about their issue to the assembly before the coup. These issue prevented AIM from declaring an official stance on Asassin.

Halenesian leader, Jan II declared that he needs more information on Asassin before taking a stance. He further commented, “[due to lack of information], our intention to help Asassin are hindered because we have no idea what is happening there”.

Suwarnakarta Institute leader Nabil Ihsan also criticise Asassin reluctant to be open more on current issue in Asassin, “The country should actually able to utilise AIM to attract support to the legitimate government in case that these kind of turmoil occurres” he commented yesterday (29/06).


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