Falalian King Orders Postponement of New Acts After Audience with People’s Council

Laporan Falalia, 24/06 – King of Falalia, Muhammad I Shah, has concluded a royal audience with members of the People’s Council, today (24/06). On the audience, the King orders the People’s Council to postpone the ongoing parliament debate on 3 proposed laws on animal rights, national currency, and national institution.

On his order, the King said that the parliament should instead prioritise other acts he deemed more urgent to be passed in present times. “Those laws [more urgent to be passed now] are on procedure of constitutional amendment and national laws … because all of our future regulations would derived from those acts,” argued the King.

After receiving the King’s order, members of the People’s Council declared their adherence to his order and agreed to postpone debate on the 3 laws.

People’s Council Proposed a Constitutional Amendment

On the same audience, Deputy Speaker of the People’s Council, Putra Maramis proposed a constitutional amendment to the King, despite the new constitution was only ratified two weeks ago.

According to Putra, he discovered several problematic articles on the constitution and proposed simplification on those articles. He explicitly declare articles on royal institutions as one of those articles with issues. “Yes, our constitution still lack clarity on several articles, for instance articles concerning government institutions,” said Putra.

After hearing Putra’s proposal, the King orders Putra and several parliament members to have a second audience with him in the upcoming week. Putra are ordered to explain his reason and urgency on amending the constitution on the second audience.


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