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Harjakarta Declares its Dissolution

Bendera Harjakarta

AIMNN (03/07) – Government of Harjakarta has declared the dissolution of the country effective today (03/07) at 21.00 Western Indonesia Time (UTC +7). Leader of Harjakarta, Tommy N., declares the dissolution of his country on the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly.

Despite Tommy are yet to clarify his reason to disband Harjakarta, Excellent leader Theodorus Diaz explained that Tommy’s personal affairs is his greatest concern at this time. “He certainly has set a plan for his future that he wish to pursuit,” said Diaz.

Dissolution of Harjakarta clearly affected AIM, since the Chairman office – currently presided by Harjakarta – would be vacant.

Indonesian Micronations Parting with Harjakarta

Indonesian micronations expressed their sorrow after learning the news about Harjakarta dissolution. Harjakarta has successfully developed itself as an example of a moderate micronation that able to mediate conflicting parties and micronations. Tommy’s micronational career that has spanned for almost a decade, would also caused further loss to the community that has been extremely accustomed with his presence in the organisation.

Theodorus Diaz said, “I am honoured to know Tommy as a friend, and as an ally.” Diaz further requested Indonesian micronations to show their respect, and to remember Harjakarta as a great role model for the community.

Falalian leader, Muhammad I also requested that the community shall respect any personal decision that has been decided by Tommy, including to disband his micronation.

“We Should Immediately Convene”

Vacancy of the Chairman position after Harjakarta departure forced AIM General Assembly to convene on a special session to resolve the issue. The issue was made further complicated since the AIM Charter are yet to regulate on the case of vacancy of chairman office.

AIM Secretary General, Eri Septio proposed the special session to convene tomorrow (04/07). Theodorus Diaz also requested that the General Assembly shall immediately appoint a caretaker to replace the chairman.

Several delegations also propose amendments to other articles of the Charter to be jointly amended with the necessary articles on chairman’s vacancy. One of the proposed amendment is on articles concerning conditions of membership revocation that was regulated by the By-laws.


Deliberations for Constitutional Amendment Law Begins Today

Cover of the proposed constitutional amendment law of Falalia.

Laporan Falalia (01/07)­ – Deputy Speaker of the People’s Council (PC), Putra Maramis announced that the deliberative process for the proposed constitutional amendment law has begin today (01/07). The amendment law would be numbered as Law No.1/2020.

Putra said that the deliberation is targeted to be finished on 2 weeks until a month. Despite on the target, he also admitted that the process may take longer as he invites as well 3 government institutions to contribute on the discussion for the new law, with debates and disagreement is already expected by him.

“Today, the PC has started its deliberation on constitutional amendment law. We expects the law to be finalised on 2 weeks or a month after we announce the start of the process to the Falalians. I must admit as well that the process may take a longer time,” said Putra Maramis on an interview took place in the House of People’s Council today.

Maramis would also request assistance from members of the Supreme Advisory Council (SAC) to support the PC on its deliberative process. He said that contributions from the SAC would be very useful to create a more fair and accountable law.

“The People’s Council would also invites the SAC to participate on the deliberation, so we could create a more fair law as demanded by our people,” he concludes.

Asassin in Turmoil, Rebels Took Over Communication Lines

Asassin rebel declaration after took over official Instagram account.

AIMNN, 30/06 – Anti-government rebels has took over Asassin government. The declaration was made by the rebels after successfully took over Asassin government official account yesterday. (28/06).

On the declaration, Asassin rebels declares their success on taking over the regime. The rebels also decreed a new flag and emblem for the country, while renaming Asassin as a “Cyber Republic”.

Asassin rebels also took over communication line of the government to the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM). Soon after, the rebels declared Asassin withdrawal from AIM yesterday (29/06), in a possible attempt to block contact with outside micronational world.

As of today, no more information about Asassin that has been publish by the rebels, as well as information about the whereabouts of the deposed leader. There are also no known attempt on the deposed Asassin government to publish a rival information against the rebel.

Asassin Representatives Warned Assembly Delegates

Prior to the coup, Asassin leader has issued a warning on the recent protests occurred on his country. The warning was announced by Asassin delegates on the AIM General Assembly on Friday (26/06).

Asassin delegates informed assembly delegates that their country is in turmoil after the government passed a law on cyber accessibility. The law was opposed by much of the citizens, with an anti-cyber law group was formed shortly after the passing.

Despite Asassin delegates informed no more information about which part of the law caused the protest, they declared that the anti-cyber law group already intensify their hostility against the government. Asassin delegates further reported that the group threatened to block government access to outside world in case of a successful coup.

“We need more information on Asassin”

AIM member states admitted that they need more clarity and information on the recent events in Asassin after the turmoil. Member states also lamented the Asassin delegates reluctance to share more about their issue to the assembly before the coup. These issue prevented AIM from declaring an official stance on Asassin.

Halenesian leader, Jan II declared that he needs more information on Asassin before taking a stance. He further commented, “[due to lack of information], our intention to help Asassin are hindered because we have no idea what is happening there”.

Suwarnakarta Institute leader Nabil Ihsan also criticise Asassin reluctant to be open more on current issue in Asassin, “The country should actually able to utilise AIM to attract support to the legitimate government in case that these kind of turmoil occurres” he commented yesterday (29/06).

Halenesia in Pursuit for New Parliament Speaker

Laporan Halenesia, 25/06 – King and Prime Minister of Halenesia, Jan II, has announced that a debate among leaders of political parties represented on the national Parliament would take place next Tuesday (30/06). The planned debate would be followed with election of Parliament Speaker.

Jan II has previously announced the parliamentary seats last Tuesday (23/06), with the seats distributed based on political parties performance during a public vote took place beforehand. The public vote resulting on victory of the People’s Freedom Party (PKM) that gained 6 seats, against the National Conservatives’ (PNK) 4 seats, and the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) 3 seats. By order of Jan II, two parliament seats would remain vacant, resulting in political parties controlling only 13 out of 15 total seats of the Parliament.

Jan II has announced the start of campaign period yesterday (24/06), and will be concluded on 29 June, with the debate took place on the following day. Jan II has allowed candidates for Parliament Speaker to hold campaign to gather public support.

Unusual among other micronations, Halenesian Parliament Speaker election involves all eligible voters that will vote for speaker candidates on a national vote.

Flood in Bengkuring City, Residents Took Refuge

Banjir di jalan Bengkuring City

Wathan RDSJ, 24/06 – Capital of Jomblonisme, Bengkuring City is flooded after a rainstorm Tuesday this week (23/06). The flood causing severe damage on several regions of Bengkuring City.

Based on citizens’ report, the flood was first noticed yesterday on 2.00 AM Jomblonisme Time (UTC +8), with emergency signal was immediately sounded by Bengkuring City authority. The authority then deployed emergency response team and helps citizens took refuge in secure places.

Jomblonisme government declared that the current flood is caused by an unusually high precipitation compared to monthly average, causing rivers passing Bengkuring City to be overflowed. 

Kursi yang tergenang air di permukiman warga di Bengkuring City

Recent information reported an increasing flood level on 24 June, forcing Bengkuring City citizens to leave their home and seek refuge in secure places. Jomblonisme authority ordered immediate clearance of all flooded houses, and afterwards repurpose mosques and school as refuge centres and build makeshift tents for refugees.

Jomblonisme President, Eri Septio declares that he would presides over the national emergency response team in alleviating citizens’ difficulties. President Eri is also reported to personally join the emergency team to rescue Bengkuring City residents.

Falalian King Orders Postponement of New Acts After Audience with People’s Council

Laporan Falalia, 24/06 – King of Falalia, Muhammad I Shah, has concluded a royal audience with members of the People’s Council, today (24/06). On the audience, the King orders the People’s Council to postpone the ongoing parliament debate on 3 proposed laws on animal rights, national currency, and national institution.

On his order, the King said that the parliament should instead prioritise other acts he deemed more urgent to be passed in present times. “Those laws [more urgent to be passed now] are on procedure of constitutional amendment and national laws … because all of our future regulations would derived from those acts,” argued the King.

After receiving the King’s order, members of the People’s Council declared their adherence to his order and agreed to postpone debate on the 3 laws.

People’s Council Proposed a Constitutional Amendment

On the same audience, Deputy Speaker of the People’s Council, Putra Maramis proposed a constitutional amendment to the King, despite the new constitution was only ratified two weeks ago.

According to Putra, he discovered several problematic articles on the constitution and proposed simplification on those articles. He explicitly declare articles on royal institutions as one of those articles with issues. “Yes, our constitution still lack clarity on several articles, for instance articles concerning government institutions,” said Putra.

After hearing Putra’s proposal, the King orders Putra and several parliament members to have a second audience with him in the upcoming week. Putra are ordered to explain his reason and urgency on amending the constitution on the second audience.

FNM General Election Process Commenced

Posters featuring FNM General Elections participants.

AIMNN, 22/06 – Government of the Federal Republic of Neuborrnia-Merientalia (FNM) has announced the commencement of the preparation for the upcoming general election (GE) from today (22/06). Reports on the development of the GE preparation was reported by FNM President, Aaron penyami.

The election is planned to take place on 1 July. The upcoming GE will see FNM citizens vote for their preferred presidential candidates and political parties that would occupy their seats in Riksdag, the national parliament. As of today, the GE commission still accepts registration for presidential candidates or political parties to compete on the election

As reported by Aaron, 5 political parties would compete to fill the Riksdag. Those parties are the Conservative Union (CU), Prosperity Party (PKNM), Green Party (GP), Democratic Party (NMDP), and Socialist Party (PS). There are also 4 presidential candidates, Joshua Salvatore (PKNM), Antonius Cristiano (GP), Daniel Punuh (CU), and Arda Mudarso (PS).

The first event preceding the election day will be the presidential debate. The debate would take place on Tuesday (23/06), with the debate recording to be published on the following day. GE commission also invites AIM General Assembly delegates to attend the debate, that would take place on online application Zoom.

Concluding his report, Aaron hopes that AIM member states would support his country for the upcoming election, “…our utmost gratitude for your support on our election.”

Falalian Constitution Ratified by King

2020 Falalian Constitution cover.

AIMNN (11/06) – Kingdom of Falalia has released the text of the new constitution to the public, after King Muhammad I granted a royal assent to the new constitution yesterday (10/06). Falalian government also sent the constitution text to delegates of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) General Assembly.

The new Falalian constitution was created as Falalian authority committed to complete the national reform as agreed on the National Meeting concluded on 1 May. Successful ratification on 10 June also satisfied King Muhammad request to the government to complete the new constitution 3 months after the conclusion of the national meeting.

“A Thorough Constitution”

Falalian Constitution consisted of 10 parts, 50 articles, and over 100 paragraphs. The constitution governs the state name, sovereignty, ideology, national institutions, and national defence. Falalian constitution set forth detailed clauses on citizens’ rights and national economy.

National ideology of Fatistaarte, national symbols, and names of recognised political parties, are among those received constitutional status.

Falalian constitution also recognises LGBT rights, as well as citizens with disabilities. Falalia guarantees equality and prohibits discrimination against the community. As Nabil Ihsan of Suwarnakarta Institute said, “it was the first in Indonesian sector’s national constitution”.

King Muhammad I further described that “the process [to compose the constitution] is quite long, due to debates and differences among members of the constitutional convention”.

Micronationalists Responded New Falalian Constitution

Delegates of AIM General Assembly congratulates Falalian authority on the successful ratification of their new constitution.

Falalian Prince, Tommy Narisworo said that Falalian success on the new constitution is evidence “that Indonesian sector’s micronations future will ever brighter”. Nabil Ihsan also commented that the new Falalian constitution is “thorough, and progressive”.

Inmerado Dissolved, Former Territories Divided

Inmerado Dissolution Declaration

22/05, AIMNN – Republic of Inmerado, one of the observers of the Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) declares their dissolution yesterday (21/05), in force from 2.15 PM (UTC +7). Inmerado dissolution declaration was received by AIM General Assembly at 12.00 PM.

On the declaration, Inmerado President Joshua S declared that he struggling to continue Inmerado activities after its citizens departed the country, resulting in what he dubbed as “total destruction” on the country. Joshua also expresses his apology to fellow micronations that Imnerado should be dissolved despite friendly relations built with other micronations.

Despite no longer rules a micronation, Joshua reiterates his commitment to participating in micronational activities inside the Indonesian sector. Joshua will also join one of the Stradan micronation as citizens. 

After the enforcement of the dissolution declaration, Inmerado observer membership status was immediately revoked by AIM General Assembly.

Former Territories to be Divided Among Stradan Micronations

On the same declaration, Joshua also declared that former Inmerado territories would be granted to Stradan micronations. 

Joshua allows Neuborrnia-Merientalia to establish control in the West Inmerado region, while Ruslandia will receive the East Inmerado region.

Division of territories will allow Joshua to join one of the new micronations currently controls the former Inmerado territory, and also to participate in micronational activities.

Neuborrnia-Merientalia Becomes AIM Full Member

AIMNN, 21/05 – Federal Republic of Neuborrnia-Merientalia has been accepted as an Association of Indonesian Micronations (AIM) full member on the General Assembly meeting session took place yesterday (20/05)

In the meeting session, member states expressed their full support to the accession of Neuborrnia-Merientalia as AIM full member. Member states confidence also further supported by its president Aaron Penyami experience as Pejaten head of state, already joined AIM from 2019 until 2020.

Neuborrnia-Merientalia is a new micronation founded by Aaron Penyami on 4 April 2020. Aaron beforehand was the founder of the Republic of Pejaten in 2018 and was accepted as AIM full member in 2019.